Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat Reviews

Safety is at the heart of the Britax Boulevard 70 car seat. The Britax Safecell Technology, located at the base of the seat, compresses in a crash and counteracts the seat’s forward rotation by lowering it’s center of gravity. The integrated steel bars reduce forward flex and Versa Tether anchors at the top of the seat absorb energy. Both minimize forward rotation also and help reduce head injury. The seat has been designed to divert energy away from the child while slowing down the child’s movement and providing protection to the head and spine. The Britax Boulevard 70 car seat has deep side walls and a firm shell to provide protection in case of a side impact. An Expanded Polypropylene foam lining around the adjustable head restraint also helps to provide energy distribution, child containment and protection in a side impact.

Apart from safety, the Britax Boulevard 70 has some excellent comfort features that make it stand out. The seat reclines in both front and rear positions, has a plush cover  that can be removed for cleaning without having to disassemble the car seat and a tangle free five point harness with holders to keep the straps from interfering while placing the child in the seat. The harness adjusts to ten different height settings for children of different ages and sizes so you’ll be able to adjust the seat as your child grows. Also, the harness features a quick adjust system that can reposition the harness height without having to disassemble the straps. Lower LATCH connectors feature a push button release for easy removal from the vehicle.  Finally, the base features grips designed to protect the vehicle’s seat and was built to conveniently and firmly install in all types of vehicles. Read more about best convertible car seat under 100.

The Britax Boulevard 70 is truly a state of the art car seat with safety at the forefront of its design. This does not mean a compromise in looks or comfort, though, as the Boulevard 70’s plush pads and esthetically pleasing design make it one of the better looking and comfortable car seats currently in the market. The Boulevard 70 is available in Silver Birch,  Onyx, Sterling, Blueprint and Waverly colors and can be outfitted with several covers if you want to change the look of the car seat periodically. Some of the better looking covers available for the Boulevard 70 are Blueprint, Cowmooflage, Davenport, and Onyx.

Here are some of the top features of the Britax Boulevard 70:

The Britax Boulevard 70 convertible car seat is designed for children rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing up to 70 pounds.
Safecell technology features safecells, to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation.
Integrated steel bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash.
True side impact protection offers a head restraint creating an extra layer of energy-absorbing EPP foam.
Quick-adjust harness repositions the harness shoulder height without disassembling the harness straps.
Harness Ultra Guard System (HUGS) holds the child firmly in case of a crash and prevents the child from lunging forward.
Crash forces are evenly distributed throughout the strongest parts of the child’s body with the five point harness.
How do customers like the Britax Boulevard 70?

Main positives of the Britax Boulevard 70 according to customers:

Perhaps the most convincing argument for the Britax Boulevard 70 came from a customer review by a user named Joshua who stated that, “after being in an accident and seeing what happened to the Britax vs the car seats in the other car I knew we had to get another Britax”.
Customers were very pleased with the side impact and head protection of the Boulevard 70.
Easy to install.
Latch connectors have been improved for more convenient install and removal.
The head wings provide cushion for the child’s head to sleep on and stops head flopping while sleeping.
The reclining angle  of the seat helps to prevent the head from flopping while sleeping, also.
Soft, comfortable fabric.
Seat is sturdy and built to last for several years.
Britax’s customer service is responsive and customers found them to send out replacement parts quickly.
One of the few car seats that tether rearfacing thus providing two points of attachment. This stops the rotation of the car seat in a side impact collision.
Sliding bars on the latch make it easy to get a tight install and allow you to tighten each side separately.
Positioning of the tightening strap and release button make it convenient to operate.
Very detailed instruction manual.
The top buckle can be unclipped using one hand which makes removal of the child from the seat more convenient.
 Main customer complaints about the Britax Boulevard 70:

The Boulevard 70 has a lot of padding on the sides and some customers were concerned that this would impede side visibility for the child and they would not like it. At least one customer found this not to be an issue as his child loved the seat.
The straps have shoulder pads which the child might not like but they are removable.
If you have a strong, older toddler, the top buckle can be undone by the child.
Installation using the belt is trickier than using the tethers.
The steel bars make the seat a bit heavier.
The headwings are covered in fabric with no backing making it look a bit cheap.
Some customers complained that the size of the car seat make it difficult to use in very small cars.

Conclusion of customer reviews:

We found several one and two star reviews for this car seat but they were mainly complaints about individual parts breaking and we could not find any definitive patterns of any specific parts breaking that would lead us to believe they are defective. Instead, the quality of the Britax Boulevard 70 seems outstanding in general and this Is corroborated by the overwhelming amount of positive reviews that this car seat has on Amazon. The main concern that we have with this seat is that the chest buckle can be undone by an older toddler. This does not mean that the child can unbuckle himself completely from the car seat as the lower buckle is still too difficult for them to undo but it does pose a potential risk. When evaluating if this is a deal breaker for you, you should consider your child and their propensity to want to undo the buckle as well as their strength. Most toddlers traveling in the car seat will not be able to undo the buckle but some, it appears, may.

Overall, the Britax Boulevard 70 earned some of the highest scores among customers, and did so with good reason. The Boulevard 70 is packed with safety and convenience features that set it apart from the majority of car seats currently in the market. It’s superior side impact and head protection make it an exceptional choice for safety conscious parents.

Flights with young kids

Travelling on an airplane with kids can be completely overwhelming. The biggest dream is having them sleep on a plane. You will need to figure out how your toddler is going to sleep best. It is recommended to take night flights because there is less stimulation that can keep your child alert. Sometimes your chosen accommodation may not offer ideal crib, hence you may want to consider carrying your own portable toddler travel bed airplane.


Child aviation restraint system (CARES) harness

This is the restraining of a forward-facing car seat without an actual seat. CARES is an FAA-approved harness type kid safety device which is attached to the back of an airplane seat. It is a safety harness specifically designed for aviation travel. CARES is lightweight- weighs about one pound, portable and easy to install- less than one minute. If you don’t like carrying your car seat on a plane, CARES is the best option to select. It is designed for kids who are one year old and older and weigh 22-44 pounds.

Cosco scenera NEXT

This is an awesome travel seat and incredibly lightweight. It has a slim width and fits in the narrow seats of an airplane since the tray tables are stored in the arm rests. Cosco Scenera can only support a maximum weight of forty pounds. It is used for rear-facing or forward-facing. It is relatively cheap and weighs less than 11 pounds.

The brica fold n’go travel bassinet

This bassinet is suitable for kids from birth to fifteen pounds. It is lightweight and a great option for the first trip with a child. The firm mattress is removable with sheets that are machine washable, has a lock system for security and safety, breathable fabric and a locking frame that provides peace and comfort. This bassinet weighs 2.45 pounds.

Phil and Teds travel bed

It is a portable bed and a travel bag for kids, multi-functional, safe and lightweight. You can carry this travel bed on a train or plane as part of your hand luggage since it just weighs 5.5 pounds. You can also store all the essentials for your child in one place. It has a contoured and vented base with a comfortable mattress. It is suitable for kids who weigh between five to twenty pounds.

You need more information about toddler travel, please see here


This the ultimate travel gadget for children from zero years up to six to seven years. It’s a ride-on suitcase and an inflight bed. Ride on suitcases is one of the popular travel gadgets made for kids. This is because they provide solutions to some hassles experienced when travelling with kids. Riding through the airports on a ride on suitcase is a fun for kids and solves that part of the travel. The suitcases have enough space that allows kids to carry their favorite items onboard.

BedBox is designed as a ride on suitcase that can be converted into an aircraft bed when in an aircraft.  BedBox is perfect travel gadget for kids between 0-7 years. The bed feature can be used onboard airplanes and trains. Its maximum user weight is 35 kg and weighs 3kg including the mattress.

Shopping For A Toddler Bed In A Thrift Market

If you have not shopped in a thrift market, you are missing it all. Thrift markets have all we need for both our personal and our family’s needs. We may think that all that is there is old and gray but shock onus when we find things that are next to new, in very stable condition and very friendly prices. The temptation will be not to buy as much as you see because everything will be calling out to you.

Finding toddler beds at the thrift market

We are all at different stops in life, some are giving birth, and others are retiring from raising up kids because they are now grown-ups. It is for this reason that there are varieties of goods being sold at the market.

Shopping For A Toddler Bed In A Thrift Market
Source: Diyinspired

Toddler beds at the thrift market are very affordable, you might not really find the design you want but you would find a good toddler bed for your child.

To get the most out the thrift market:

• Plan your shopping list before – this helps you stay focused on what exactly you require from the market. It also helps you know the amount of money you intend to spend to avoid impulse buying.
• Be open minded – keep your eyes open for any surprising deals. It’s a hit or miss with thrift stores so sometimes you can really hit a jackpot or miss anything at all.
• Look for quality brands – you will be surprised about the amount of well-made, expensive brands being offered at very affordable prices.
• Try out new brands – Keep in mind that there might be some quality pieces in brands that you have never heard of that you can also experiment with. Some brands are high-end European brands well worth their money.
• Don’t go with the kids – though the toddler bed we are going to shop for belongs to the child, leave them at home for easier shopping. Thrift shops are usually high trafficked and your toddler will not enjoy the ride and you too will not.
• Plan to spend enough time – Do not be in a rush to shop, thrift markets are pretty large and if you don’t visit some places you might miss out on the best. Plan to spend more hours window shopping around before you can make a final decision. Plan to go out early before there is heavy traffic or before the sun is out.
• Wear comfortable shoes – you will be walking a lot so invest in a very comfy pair of shoes for easier movement and to avoid getting tired easily.

Reused toddler beds are very helpful in terms of pricing and availability. You get an opportunity to see many options and only settle on the best that you want. You also get a chance to buy items that you can repurpose into any other child furniture.

When you visit the thrift market, don’t be too strict on yourself, just be easy on yourself and on the things in the market. Go ready to have fun as you see both new and old creation.

Take time and look out for thrift markets around your area, they have different days so ensure you know the days they operate and the places they are set in.

You can also find the thrift stores online – those that sell second hand items online. They include:

• Ebay: Ebay sells just about anything, you will be surprised at the extensive collection you will find ranging from furniture to bedding to clothes to decorations etc. The Ebay handy search feature allows you to search for exactly the brand that you require and how many pieces you can choose.
• Baby Outfitter: This is a site that now sells secondhand everything from classic books to swaddling blankets and clothes, ships them at a flat rate all over the world.
• Swap baby goods: Is set up for parents to list items in their families that are finished using for sale or for swap. Posters assign each item a value and offer other site owners the option of purchasing it or trading for something they need. The listings are organized by categories like bedding, bouncers, swings furniture strollers, beds, beddings etc. and allows you to navigate the hundreds of items without missing out on what you really need.